Concrete Painting & Concrete Sealing


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Oshea`s concrete painting contractors and concrete sealing services will enhance your appearance hard ground surfaces at home or commercial businesses, our licensed painters have demontrated over the years how we can transform your concrete surfaces will a little colour or clear sealers over your hard surface investments. We use a variety of surface coating from colour dyes to epoxy coating the products we use are durable and industrial strength capable of driving heavy forklifts and vehicles withstanding oils and acids damaging the surface coating.
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  • <h3>   Stone Pavers </h3> <br />  Stone Paver Cleaning For Preparation For Sealing
  • <h3>   Stone Pavers </h3> <br />  Stone Pavers And Grounting Have Been Protected Fron The Elements The Environment Throws At It
  • <h3>   Stamped Concrete Repair </h3> <br />  Stamped Concrete Has Lost Colour And Faded
  • <h3>   Stamped Concrete Colouring </h3> <br />  Re Coloured Stamped Concrete Area`s Rear Of Home
  • <h3>   Plain Concrete Driveway  </h3> <br />  This Is The Driveway Before We Cleaned And Applied Protective Coating
  • <h3>   Driveway Painting </h3> <br />  Applied Protective Coating
  • <h3>   Bexley Public School </h3> <br />  Concrete Colour Coating To All Under Awning Cover Areas
  • <h3>   Bexley School </h3> <br />  We Have Painted The Concrete Pathways Around Seating Areas
  • <h3>   Factory Floor New Concrete Clean And Seal </h3> <br />  We are about to high pressure water clean the floor in Preparation For Sealer
  • <h3>   Concrete Floor Sealing </h3> <br />  New Concrete Floor Sealing Complete
  • <h3>   Stencil Concrete Repair </h3> <br />  Stencil Concrete Had Lost Original Colour
  • <h3>   Stencil Concrete Driveway Re Colouring </h3> <br />  Battle Axe Stencilcrete Driveway Colour Alteration
  • <h3>   Factory Floor Painting Service </h3> <br />  Factory From The Street We Applied Protective Coating To All Internal Hard Surfaces
  • <h3>   Factory Floor To Be Prepared For Surface Coating </h3> <br />  Stage Before Coating Is To Clean The Surface Of All Grease Oils And Dust
  • <h3>   Concrete Factory Floor Painting </h3> <br />  We Use Roll On Application To Force The Coating Deep In The Pours of The Surface
  • <h3>   Warehouse Floor Painting Service </h3> <br />  Warehouse Floor Protective Coating
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