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Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning Services - Sydney North West

Welcome to our commercial concrete cleaning services based in Sydney North West the Hills area, we have been operating for nearly 30 years catering to sports stadiums, warehouse and factory floors, underground car parking stations, petrol stations, workshops, shopping centres and government facilities, strata management. Over this time we have cleaned a lot of concrete and removed many stains that others can't, we have the experience.

Our investment in recent years into the wastewater capture and recycling systems utilized in the high-pressure water cleaning industry makes us a 100% environmentally friendly company, without this investment would have only seen us further pollute the environment with all wastewater runoff into drains, creeks, rivers and beaches. 

Our experienced team will degrease and remove heavy oils, food and drink stains that have penetrated your concrete leaving fresh and bright new looking again. We can restore your old concrete to new; we can apply the colour dyes to change the overall appearance of your concrete floor areas.

Car Parking Station Cleaning Sydney North West 

We provide annual cleaning maintenance and periodic concrete cleaning programs to large areas that to be maintained regularly in Sydney North West. We Operate 24 hrs 7 days a week and understand that some jobs can only be done at a particular time so you can appreciate we work odd hours at times, we offer free appraisals to clean up your property call us or leave a message at any time. 

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