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Sports Surface Cleaning

Sports Hard Court Maintenance Cleaning And Resurfacing Sydney, North And West

We have been cleaning and resurfacing hard surface tennis, basketball and netball courts for nearly 30 years we understand how best to approach each surface as some surfaces may lift with the wrong pressure cleaning techniques costing thousands to repair, we know that sometimes it's not about how much pressure you have to clean the court but how well we remove the mould and dirt substances that have penetrated deep into the surface without damaging the court surface as high-pressure water cleaning even using steam alone does not produce professional cleaning results, without using specialty cleaning agents to help support the cleaning equipment we use.

Tennis Court Cleaning And Sports Hard Court Surface Clean And Resurfacing (Colour Alterations)

Tennis Sports Club
School Sports Courts Cleaning Maintenance
Private Tennis Courts
Council Tennis Court Cleaning
Basketball Court Cleaning
Netball Court Cleaning
Our tennis court maintenance can also involve court resurfacing, colour changes.

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  • Tennis Court Resurfacing
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